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Holguín, Cuba

Calixto García central park panoramic view, Holguín city - Holguín, Cuba

Holguín is one of the country’s leading tourist destinations, located in the eastern region of Cuba. High mountain ranges, fertile plains and sandy beaches are abundant in this province full of beauty. Turquoise, warm, peaceful waters are protected by the coral reefs. It is surrounded by thick green vegetation that strikes a beautiful contrast with the golden-white sand and the crystal-clear blue seawater.

In Holguín province, foreign conglomerates are starting to offer tours and other beach-related options such as Playa Guardalavaca. Bird watching and other wildlife viewing activities are something you may be interested in doing while on vacation here; and this is truly a place where nature and modern conveniences blend well together. So waste no time in planning your next family vacation adventures, coupled with eco-friendly travel and an all-inclusive package to Cuba.