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Remedios, Villa Clara

San Juan de los Remedios central park panoramic view - Remedios, Villa Clara

The town of San Juan de los Remedios is located in the province of Villa Clara, in central Cuba. It is recognized as the eighth oldest city in Cuba, possessing a rich historical and cultural background. On 7 March 1980, the city’s historic center was declared a National Monument. Remedios, as it is popularly called today, has a surface area of ​​559.6 sq. km and a population of approximately 48,966 inhabitants, with a population density of 83.0 inhabitants per sq. km. In some locations, you can still encounter traces of 17th century Spanish architecture, totally intact. In 1545, the town council already owned Remedios; and it continued to grow over time until 1843, when the sprawling town was conferred the title of city.