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Guantánamo, Cuba

Cathedral of Guantánamo and central park panoramic view, Guantánamo city - Guantánamo, Cuba

Guantánamo, from an aboriginal name meaning “land between the rivers”, is Cuba’s easternmost province, filled with rich history and traditions. Christopher Columbus landed here for the first time in 1492; and Cuba’s first village (Baracoa) was founded by Diego Velázquez in its territory in 1511, proving to be an important stronghold during the Wars of Independence. It has a surface area of ​​6,186.2 sq. km., accounting for 5.58% of the country’s total surface. It borders on the north with the province of Holguín and the Atlantic Ocean; on the south, with the Caribbean Sea; on the east, with the Windward Passage, which separates the island of Cuba and the Republic of Haiti; and on the west, with Santiago de Cuba province. Demographically, the province has a total of 514,230 inhabitants, with a density of 82.6 per sq. km. There is a distance of 965 km. between Guantánamo and Havana.