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"Pinar del Río - Viñales" Tour

Departure from Las Terrazas, Artemisa, Cuba
Panoramic View of Viñales - "Pinar del Río - Viñales" Tour - "Pinar del Río - Viñales" Tour
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General Information and Program Details

  • Duration: -
  • Departure time: 08.30 hrs
  • Tour guide: Yes
  • Children are allowed: Yes
  • Languages spoken: Spanish and English

"Pinar del Río - Viñales" Tour


El Valle de Viñales, is the ideal place to contemplate and admire the beauty of the Cuban landscape. It is located in a small rural town in the province of Pinar del Río, it stands out for having the best tobacco plantations in the world and the biggest cavern system in Cuba.

Area Values

The Viñales Valley is located in the Guaniguanico mountain range, central-eastern portion of the Sierra de los Órganos, municipality of Viñales, north-central province of Pinar del Río. It has multiple accesses by road and paths, but the main way is the road that links it to the provincial capital, only 25 km away. It constitutes an important space for tropical karst studies and has the largest cave systems in Cuba and Latin America, which are distinguished by their beauty.

Among the geological values it has the oldest rocks that have been recognized in the territory, which range from the Lower-Middle Jurassic to the Oxfordian. The relief is distinguished by its mogotes, grouped in calcareous mountain ranges, and isolated in an individual way. It has sites in a natural, semi-natural and, to a lesser extent, anthropic state, with very representative elements framed in a physical-geographical region of mogotes and slates that constitute unique ecosystems of international importance.

There are about 17 endemic botanical species in the Valley that are not found anywhere else in the world. Its maximum exponent is the Mycrocycas Calocoma, known as the cork palm, the only species declared a National Monument. It is a living fossil of 150 million years old, the oldest palm in the Antilles. The fauna is relevant because of its marked differentiation, and it is the union of the different ecosystems that favours its diversity. This site has a great variety of birds, reptiles, mammals and mollusks.


  • Visit to the Tobacco Factory located in the city of Pinar del Río.
  • Visit to the Mirador de Los Jazmines to observe the Viñales Valley.
  • Tour of the town of Viñales, a place of high colonial architectural values and rich cultural traditions.
  • Visit to the Prehistoric Mural and the Indian Cave.
  • Lunch at Palenque de los Cimarrones, a site that shows the history of the Cimarronians in the province of Pinar del Río.
  • Return to Hotel Moka.

Details of the excursion

  • This tour starts at Hotel Moka located in Las terraces
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Amount of Pax: Minimum 2 Pax


For this excursion, transport with driver is required to visit the distant points of interest and after the return of the guide to Las Terrazas.


You will be able to select the different variants: - Collective or Private Tour

TIPS: - Recommend: Light clothing, sunglasses, hats or caps, tennis, sandals or comfortable shoes, water bottle, sunscreen, insect repellent and camera.


  • Collective excursion from the Terraces
    Group excursion, guide in several languages, departure from the terraces From 2 to 3 Pax by car From 4 to 8 Pax on Microbus
    1 Adult
    (Daily departures)
    $100.00 - $124.00
    Discounts applied:

  • Private Excursion from the Terraces
    Private excursion, guide in several languages, departure from the terraces From 2 to 3 Pax by car From 4 to 8 Pax on Microbus
    1 Adult
    (Daily departures)
    $112.00 - $135.00
    Discounts applied: