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"Cienfuegos Bay Sunset" Tour

Departure from Cienfuegos city, Cienfuegos
Cienfuegos Bay, Cuba - "Cienfuegos Bay Sunset" Tour
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General Information and Program Details

  • Duration: 1 hora
  • Departure time: 5:30pm / 6:40pm depending of summer schedule
  • Tour guide: Yes
  • Children are allowed: Yes
  • Languages spoken: Spanish and English
  • Location: Cienfuegos City, Cienfuegos Province. Cuba

"Cienfuegos Bay Sunset" Tour


Cienfuegos, known in Cuba as the Pearl of the South, the only city founded in 1819 by the French in Latin America under the Spanish crown, a city of parks, theaters, churches, a beautiful Paseo del Prado and a flourishing culture. You can also enjoy the beauty of the sea and the nature that surrounds the city.


  • While navigating the interior of the bay, you can first see the city of Cienfuegos; also called "The Pearl of the South" since colonial times, where emblematic buildings like "Palacio Valle", "Palacio Azul", the residential area "La Punta" called by the native aborigines "Tureira", Proclaimed Patrimony of Humanity.
  • After sailing in the coast of the city, the navigation goes east, towards the area of "Punta la Cueva" and "Cayo Carena" where clients can enjoy images of the natural attractions offered by the Escambray mountains.
  • The route continues towards the SOUTH sailing through the entrance channel of the bay where the fishing villages "La Milpa" and "El Perche" are shown in all their splendor arriving to the town of El Castillo where clients can see and photograph from the sea the fortress "Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles de Jagua", built in 1745.
  • The return trip is along the west coast of the bay passing in front of the hot springs "Don Bruno" and "Jucaral" and the boat completes Gation in the Marina.


  • Boat and experienced crew.
  • Recorded music and a wonderful atmosphere.
  • One hour open bar with national drinks: juice, malt, soda, water, beer and/or cocktails.

TIPS: • Recommended: light clothing, swimsuit, sunglasses, hats or caps, tennis, sandals or comfortable shoes and photographic camera. • For the tour we recommend a water bottle.


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