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“Fly Fishing in Cayo Santa María", Tour

Departure from Cayo Santa María, Villa Clara
Fly fishing tour, Cayo Santa María - “Fly Fishing in Cayo Santa María",  Tour
from $225.00

General Information and Program Details

  • Duration: 8 hrs
  • Departure time: 07.30 hrs
  • Tour guide: Yes
  • Children are allowed: No
  • Languages spoken: Spanish, English and French

"Fly Fishing in Cayo Santa María", Tour


This fly fishing base is located in the north-central section of Cuba, in "Cayo Las Brujas", Villa Clara. The area is part of the beautiful attractions found in this site of a privileged and excellent area of marine life.

Details of the tour:

  • Fishing boat for up to two fishermen.
  • Professional fishing guide in several languages.
  • 8 hours approx (7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)
  • Transfer in/out.
  • Box lunch.
  • Open bar with non alcoholic beverages (water, soft drinks, and juices)

Maximum capacity of fly fishing boats: Maximum of 2 people per boat.

Very important note: Spinning fishing is not allowed.

Main fly fishing species

Permit (Permit or Trachinotus falcatus)

Permit has been called many things. Easy to catch is certainly not one of them. They're a creepy, grumpy fish. Some fly fishermen who have been on a quest to get a Permit for years cried when that moment finally happened and they brought the first Permit of their career. The Permit can be elusive. Your best chance of hooking and landing a Permit is in a place where the Permit is plentiful. The more shots you have, the better the odds. The Permit population in the King's Gardens is extremely healthy. Permits are prevalent in the lower reaches of Cayo Coco all year round. They begin to appear in the shallows in more significant numbers around the end of March and can be easily selected until the end of November. Recommended equipment: 9-10wt rods with fast bonefish loading / allow floating lines. 16-20 conical fluorocarbon leaders. Recommended Flies: Flexo-Crab size 2, rubber leg crab patterns, Avalon Permit Fly sizes 4 and 2.

Harpoon (Royal Shad or Megalops atlanticus):

Florida is clearly recognized as the best place to hook a great Tarpon. But one of the complaints about tarpon fishing in Florida is the large number of people who do the same. The shallows and channels where big tarpon are frequent in spring are more populated by deck boats and expensive fishermen than with tarpon. The spring migration of tarpon to the shallows of the King's Gardens is truly world class. Great Shads start coming up to the shallows in early April and are usually present in late June and early July. Recommended equipment: 10-12wt rods with floating conical line of tarpon plus intermediate tropical sinking tip. 30 lb. fluorocarbon leader with 80-100 lb. bite points. Recommended flies: Black death, purple death, tarpon toad, cockroach, red/white tarpon fly. 2/0 and 3/0.


Cuba has more Bonefish per square mile than any place we've ever been. It's a destination where Bonefish schools are not unusual. But throwing in double or single cruises is more the norm. That means you're almost always targeting big, healthy fish. The average size of Bonefish on Santa Maria Key is between six and eight pounds. But casting Bonefish over 10 pounds It's a common everyday occurrence. Recommended equipment: 8wt rods with floating conical herringbone fly lines. 15 pound conical fluorocarbon leader. Recommended flies: Weighted bead head flies. Tan Crazy Charlie with rubber legs. E.P. Spawning shrimp and mantis shrimp. Size 4.

TIPS: • Recommended: light clothing, swimsuit, sunglasses, hats or caps, tennis, sandals or comfortable shoes, solar protection and photographic camera. • For the tour we recommend a water bottle.


  • Collective tour Fly fishing boat / 8 hrs / 1 - 2 fishermen
    8 hours fly fishing colective tour, all fishing gear, refrigerio y guia de presca profesional.
    1 Adult
    (Daily departures)
    $225.00 - $450.00
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