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Departure from Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
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General Information and Program Details

  • Duration: 5 hrs aprox
  • Departure time: 09.00 hrs
  • Tour guide: Yes
  • Children are allowed: Yes
  • Languages spoken: Spanish, English and German


Places of interest:

  • The Plaza Mayor is an open museum of Spanish colonial architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries, when the sugar trade from the nearby Valle de los Ingenios and the slave trade brought great wealth to the area. It is the heart of the historic center of the city, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988.
  • The Romantic Museum, also known as the Brunet Palace, is the first museum inaugurated in the town in 1973. This small palace was owned by one of the richest families of the colonial era, the Counts of Brunet. In it's exhibits there are many relics of the culture of the refined Trinitarian sacraocracy.
  • The Palacio Cantero is known as the Municipal Museum of Trinidad. It was built between 1827 and 1830, only fifty meters from the Main Square. The museum was inaugurated in 1980. There visitors can learn about the history of Trinidad from its foundation, through the slave trade, the splendor of the sugar industry, the struggles for independence and other stages of the founding of the town, through documents, works of art and other objects.
  • The Convent of San Francisco de Asis, today known as the National Museum of the Fight Against Bandits, was built in 1813 by Franciscan monks during the Spanish colonization. It is one of the most emblematic and recognized colonial buildings in Trinidad. From the top of its yellow bell tower, the only remnant of the original building, you can enjoy wonderful and impressive panoramic views of the city.
  • The stairway of the Casa de la Música, an iconic and ideal place to dance and enjoy traditional Cuban music to the fullest. Located on one side of the Plaza Mayor, is the Casa de la Música, where live performances of Cuban interpreters of Trova, son, salsa, timba, mambo or chachachá, among other genres, begin daily.
  • The Major Church of the Holy Trinity was built between 1817 and 1892. It is one of the largest temples located in Cuban territory. It is one of the temples of greater religious relevance of the country, in its interior it has five naves and a great bell tower of 3 pieces. The temple has a great prestige for its religious richness and interior art. It highlights the image of Our Father Jesus, whose tunic embroidered in gold was donated by Queen Isabel II.
  • Plazuela del Jigüe, the foundational site of the City, a place of extreme relevance for the Trinitarians, at the intersection of Real del Jigüe and Boca streets. According to local tradition, under a nearby jigüe of the aforementioned streets, the founding mass of the town of La Trinidad was celebrated. Officially founded as Villa de la Santísima Trinidad, it was the third villa founded by the Spanish crown in Cuba, at the beginning of 1514 with the presence of the adelantado Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar.
  • Bar La Canchánchara is the most famous and oldest tavern in Trinidad, built in 1723. The Bar La Canchánchara takes its name from a typical drink that the mambises of the Cuban Liberation Army drank during their fight against the Spanish metropolis in the 19th century, to minimize the effects of the cold or to protect themselves from the various respiratory diseases in times of war.
  • Guanayara Park is one of the most remote parks that make up the 6 parks that make up the Natural Reserve of the Great Park of Topes de Collantes. It covers a perimeter of thirty hectares and is located fifteen kilometers north of the area of Topes de Collantes, in the central region of Cuba. Its numerous almost virgin trails allow visitors to admire the beauty of its landscape, enjoy the singing of birds and learn about the customs and traditions of the region's inhabitants.
  • The Palmito Waterfall, an impressive waterfall, located in the area of Guanayara Park, an ideal place for adventure, to contemplate the charms of the fauna, the tour of the trails, and the delicious and refreshing bath in the waterfall.

Degree of difficulty: Medium, pedaling at a light pace, through terrain with only 20% of elevation. For this level, no great physical or technical demands are required. All those interested can participate.

Distance to cover by bike: 30 km approximately.

Municipalities to visit: Trinidad y Topes de Collantes.

Duration approximate of the tour(total): 5 hours approximately.

Minimum of passengers for the tour: 2 pax.

The price includes

  • Bicycles of your choice and to your size,
  • Helmets, Padlocks,
  • Water bottle of 500 ml per pax, or water to fill your personal reusable bottle,
  • Accompaniment with a guide specialized in cyclotourism, in the following languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Dutch, at your choice (recommended to book in advance to ensure availability).
  • Entrance to museums and parks.
  • Free buffet lunch of Cuban Creole food at the Balcony of the Caribbean.
  • Technical assistance on the road for all groups. A mechanic will be assigned to every 5 clients who will accompany them all the way with the guide.
  • Any other service specified in the tours of this catalog as Included.

Important: Our provider does not guarantee medical insurance or other types of insurance against damage to customers in any of its routes. This must be contracted by the clients before their arrival to the country by the agency that travels or acquire it in any of the ports and airports of access. By accepting the reservation contract, the customer accepts full knowledge of the use of the medium.

Home delivery service:

The routes can leave from our headquarters, or from another point of the customer's choice. In the second case, a home service fee will be added, established as follows:


  • Inside the historical center of the city: 2 USD x pax.
  • Outside the area of the historic center of the city: 3 USD x pax
  • Southern beaches area (port of Casilda or beaches of the Ancon Peninsula): 9 USD x pax

An additional professional photography service is offered for clients at an extra charge (not included in the program): A professional photographer will accompany clients throughout the tour and deliver 25 edited photos within 15 days via WeTransfer. - From 1 to 2 Pax: 25 USD x group - From 3 to 4 Pax: 30 USD x group - From 5 to 7 Pax: 35 USD x group - From 8 to 10 Pax: 40 USD x group - More than 10 Pax: 45 USD x group

TIPS: • Recommended: light clothing, sunglasses, water and light meals with sweet and protein, hats or caps, tennis or sandals, other protective layers for seasons rain, solar protection and a photographic camera. • For the tour, we recommend carrying a water bottle.


  • Collective tour
    Collective tour on bicycle with specialized guide service in several languages and the services described in the program. The best price.
    1 Adult
    (Daily departures)
    Discounts applied:

  • Private tour (1 - 4 Pax)
    Private tour (1 - 4 Pax) on bicycle with specialized guide service in several languages and the services described in the program. The best price.
    1 Adult
    (Daily departures)
    Discounts applied: