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“Ruins of coffee plantations” Trail

Departure from Soroa, Artemisa, Cuba
Ceiba  "Ruins of the coffee plantations" Trail - “Ruins of coffee plantations” Trail
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General Information and Program Details

  • Duration: 4 hrs
  • Departure time: OnRequest
  • Tour guide: Yes
  • Children are allowed: Yes
  • Languages spoken: Spanish and English

“Ruins of coffee plantations” Trail


Soroa, is located in the Sierra del Rosario in Artemisa. It is a privileged place because of the great variety and characteristics of its flora and fauna. In this place is the largest orchid garden in the country, with more than 750 different varieties of orchids. It has a spectacular waterfall of 22 meters high that invites you to take a refreshing bath at any time of year. Soroa is known as the Rainbow of Cuba.

Soroa has other attractions that are of interest to the visitor, that is why to know this place, we have designed a series of tours through several trails located in which the visitor will be able to know other attractions and go into this fascinating natural environment.

“Ruins of coffee plantations” Trail, in this tour the visitor will be able to interact with nature, especially, our avifauna, which has in this territory more than 100 species approximately, between endemic and migratory, more than 25 species of reptiles, as much of the group ofidio (11 species), as of the group of the saurians (more than 15 species). As for the butterflies, there are more than 20 species belonging to three families, and plants with medicinal properties: platanillo de Cuba, piña de ratón, salvia, yagruma, and others. You will also come into contact with the history of previous centuries, there are still remains of roads that the French settlers who came with the aim of developing the cultivation of coffee in these places, as well as the ruins of the adjacent housing building, where you can see the place they had intended for the slaves.

During this tour the clients can also observe what possibly were the quarries from where they extracted the stones to make these constructions. To add a refreshing touch, the calm and crystalline waters of the backwater that run through one of the parts of this old property, offer a place that invites to a comforting bath after a tiring day.


  • Welcome cocktail reception at the Pool Bar of the Hotel Horizontes Soroa.
  • Base of the Mirador. Explanation of the historical evolution of the "Neptune" coffee plantation, current location of the Soroa tourist village.
  • Ruins of "La Merced" coffee plantation.
  • La Ceiba. Explanation of the religious importance of this tree in the Cuban culture.
  • Wild pineapple plantation. Explanation of the traditional medicine project.
  • French road. Explanation of the architecture of the old coffee plantations and main destinations of coffee exports.
  • First crossing of the Bayate River. Rest time of 5 minutes.
  • Ruins of "La Esperanza" coffee plantation. Explanation of its historical evolution.
  • Plantation of Pinus rubencis. Explanation of the "Turquino-Manati" mountain plan.
  • Ruins of the Independencia Coffee Plantation. Explanation of its historical evolution.
  • Natural swimming pool "El Caimito", with time for swimming on request.
  • Slave quarry. Explanation of the decline, crisis and disappearance of the settlements. Cultural and social legacy.
  • Return to the hotel.

Details of the Excursion

  • Distance to be covered: 7 km approximately
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Duration: 4 hrs
  • Activity: Hiking
  • Specialized guide service


You will be able to select the different variants:

  • Collective Tour with or without Picnic: PICNIC: ham and cheese sandwich, plus a juice or soft drink and a water.

TIPS: - Recommend: Light clothing, sunglasses, hats or caps, tennis, sandals or comfortable shoes, water bottle, sunscreen, insect repellent and camera.


  • Collective tour
    Group excursion, with guide service in several languages
    1 Adult
    (Daily departures)
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  • Collective tour with snack included.
    Group excursion, with guide service in several languages. Snack Included
    1 Adult
    (Daily departures)
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